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Only Unbiased and Honest Opinion

MISSIONMy goal is to empower, educate and inspire 1 Crore Indians.

VISIONTo educate, empower and inspire 1 Crore Indians help them attain financial nirvana by conducting seminar, webinar, blogging, podcast and video’s








I am a self-proclaimed numbers geek
I talk about money issues A LOT on my website and in general.
Do I have the right to say?

Learning Experiences

Lost Rs 2 Lakhs, investing based on tips and rumors during 2008 Crash, that’s one way to learn!
Never had an emergency fund during my early 30’s and faced with an emergency. Had to borrow money from close relative.
And I am sure you must be thinking I’m nuts.
Okay, that’s enough of learning experiences for which you are actually not looking for

How about this?

  • I am a MBA in Finance and Marketing from Symbiosis, Pune.
  • Subject Matter Expert with over 15 years of experience in Capital Market Domain which includes Stock Broking, Mutual Funds, Pension Funds, Treasury Management, Derivatives and Central Counter Party.
  • Speaker for financial planning and behavioral finance.
  • Managing Asset Under Management of more than Rs 18+ Crore
  • Helped individuals with correct life insurance amount to the tune of Rs 100 Crore.
  • Saved lakhs of rupees for my 45+ clients across globe. Finally penny saved is penny earned.
  • Educate my clients with art and science of investing, Education is important because If I die tomorrow you can reach your financial goal.


I am myself a long term investor, been invested in stock markets from 10+ years.

I purchased a 2BHK dream home (without a home loan) in Mumbai by financial planning and investing in Mutual Funds

My friend died in a swimming pool, his wife received Rs 1.5 Crore from Insurance company because of proactive insurance planning. That incident realized that it’s not about me, me and me, It’s all about you and the society.

With 2 personal case study, I decided to become a Fee Only Financial Planner and help individuals achieve their financial goals, by the way I am based in Mumbai

As a part of my mission, I do seminars in society to educate people towards financial literacy. There are few societies which bear the cost for chairs, tea and coffee, those who don’t bear, I pay from my own pocket

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