Dimpy Panwar

“Vipul helped me save Rs 15K taxes year on year and with the knowledge transfer session I am sure nobody can mis-sell any financial product”

My challenges were similar to many other salaried people like inspite of earning much, never knew where money was spent.

Heard about mutual funds and equities but never had the guts to move forward. Mis-sold an Insurance policy.

I searched on internet and landed on few Quora answers by Vipul

I had an initial consulting call, where he exactly understood my requirements and behavioural patterns towards money and risk.

Nobody has taken this route to investment in my family..all are marwaries and like to keep money in FDs..so this plan was not encouraged by family member…but I still took the risk because it’s my salary.

We got associated and in next 3 days, he came up with a detailed plan as per my lifestyle and caters to achieving the goals I have. Vipul was quite honest to inform which goals can be achieved and what can be done to make other goals achievable.

Though mutual funds, life and health insurance schemes were mentioned in the plan, he gave the exact reason for selection of those schemes with data points and that turned out be an knowledgeable session for me. In fact my queries are answered with clear explanation and his response time is immediate.

In terms of tangible benefit, I saved taxes worth of Rs 15000 year on year

He coached me towards behavioural finance and decision making ability in finance, once that session was over I realized all my financial mistake I did in my past life. I mean to say Behavioural finance changed the way I look investing now.

I consider Vipul to be more of a Life coach rather than financial coach, he is my guru in finance, I am associated with him from last 2 years and I found him to be utmost honest and trustworthy. Though he comes at a premium, believe me it is worth paying that premium.

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