Krishna Kanth

I am Krishna Kanth, 32 yrs old working in IT company for the last 8 yrs.

Both myself and my wife are working professionals and find difficulties in where to invest our money for our kid education, retirement and short term goal to buy a house. We were initially started investing in traditional LIC and Rd. But later point of time we came to know the purpose of investing in mutual funds but we don’t know have any idea which funds to choose. We were looking for Fee Only Financial Planner who provide unbiased advice and one day while going through Quora I read his answers. We scheduled a call and was very much impressed with his suggestions and ideas and deep knowledge he has in terms of mutual funds, stocks and financial planning concept.

We explained our challenges in terms of our short term goal, child education, early retirement, he addressed all our challenges and came back with the suggestions where to invest our money every month and recommend the portfolio of mutual funds for equities and debt.

I did spoke to other adviser before hiring Vipul and found he comes at a premium compared to the other financial planner. Later I realized the premium was for his experiences of 12 long years investing journey. I liked his approach in consulting call and upfront he told about the returns expectation, what to expect and what not to expect from his services, I found him to be genuine and trustworthy and gave it a try.Results so far are excellent. Every time I follow his suggestions and recommendations. I try to learn new things related to stock market, In case of any doubts or clarifications he is just a phone call away.

We asked him a hell lot of questions and he answered all our questions very patiently. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone. Believe me you won’t be disappointed with his services.

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