Harpreet Singh Dhir

A common trait which is both my strength and weakness is that I’m very organized and like to plan everything, and it concerns me as not many things in life can be methodical. This planning actually made me look out for a financial planner, to manage my funds.

Major challenge was to understand how much do i need for my future needs and if whatever i’ve currently or whatever i’m earning right now is enough or do i need to do something else? Clarity was indeed a challenge for me.

Meeting with Vipul helped me to identify my inflow and outflow, plan my future financial goals, and in a methodical way to achieve them. These things were explained to me in a practical manner and with periodic review/tracking of the plan, it’s giving me confidence that my challenge is addressed to an extent.

I was supposed to buy a health insurance policy of 1 Cr at a very high premium, after consulting Vipul, I still have the same amount of insurance with a lower premium. The premium saved is year on year is far more than I paid fees to him. Not only that, when we last reviewed the portfolio, it was down by a mere 1% whereas markets were down by 15%.

I read Vipul answers on Quora and then explored what a financial planner does and what he should not. After talking to him I felt that he seems to be a genuine financial planner who advice his clients on merit and not for any personal interest.

From an educational drive what Vipul does, I learned some financial jargon, like debt/equity/liquid fund/NCD etc, some tips on what to do with extra funds, if any, and to be planned for future. But still think a lot to learn from him.

3 words describing my experience with Vipul would be satisfying, honest, and fruitful. I would like to recommend him, mainly because I felt he is genuine in his profession and have a command over the financial domain/market in India, and most importantly, he can be trusted.

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