Dhaval Vasavda

My biggest challenges was my investments related to MF and insurance was done on an ad-hoc basis without a goal or a target timeline. With a small kid in my family, I realized the need to have a goal based plan for the future needs of my family and child.This motivated me to look for a trusted adviser who can understand my situation and tailor the plan as per my needs.

Prior to the consultation call, Vipul had sent me an excel to document my cash flow and goals. The excel was quite comprehensive and the exercise of just filling it up made me realize that I did not have a single point of reference nor an up-to-date status for all of my investments. Vipul took practical examples to illustrate how we psychologically take decisions with respect to money and all of them I could relate to my decisions of stopping/redemption of SIPs in the past.

I came to know about Vipul through his answers on Quora. For a long time I continued to read his answers and blog before contacting him for consultation. I was evaluating 2 other consultants before I selected Vipul. One of the other consultants was into algorithm based trading and although the returns were quite high the initial investment was also high and I was not able to understand the basis of some of the recommendations and the second consultant was more interested to recommend the schemes that would benefit him as an agent. Vipul came across to me as someone who was open and willing to share his knowledge and that was reflective in the way he explained some concepts during the consultation call. He charges a fee for creating a plan but you are free to go to anyone to buy the recommended investment vehicle which to me is an unbiased advice.

Vipul is Knowledgeable, Approachable and trustworthy. I will surely recommend him to my peers.

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