Amith Dubassi

One of my major challenge was having a plethora of information in the real world around me, I was so confused to what to concentrate on, consume and apply my investments basics upon. More importantly, I felt hard to understand the complex financial jargon and realized not to mistake in doing own naive investments strategies. Things which motivated me is the world of economics, it’s not how much you earn but it’s about how you save them in a smart way.
The above are the reasons I had a consultation call with Vipul, where he elaborated the behavior, mistakes done by a person who enters into investments. I really thank him for sharing his knowledge and giving input. Even though our call got extended beyond the schedule, he was very patient enough to answer my questions and I didn’t see him bragging about this knowledge even for a second in our whole conversation.
Clarity and empirical strategies by him made me sort out my goals. Scrapped out my old naive investment strategies and went out with a new refactored plan as per my financial goals. Yes, we both are unsure if this goes as per our plan because we can’t time market. Sometimes, it’s not about the loss but it’s about how you are prepared for the loss.
I was following Vipul on Quora, his answers and detailed analysis of data made me consider and trust in his knowledge. After the consultation call, I understood he didn’t see me as a client but his intention was to spread and educate people on investments. The trait of explaining people about investments patiently and responding quickly is the reason I chose him.
Within a short span of time I learned financial discipline, stay strong on the market fluctuations, diversity of portfolio and long term plan.
If I had to describe Vipul, I would say Adept, Factual and Compassionate are the words I can describe him. I would definitely recommend him to people who want to learn and take an edge in the world of investments.

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