I liked his approach in consulting call and upfront he told about the returns expectation, what to expect and what not to expect from his services, I found him to be genuine and trustworthy and gave it a try.Results so far are excellent.

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Krishna Kanth

I really thank him for sharing his knowledge and giving input. Even though our call got extended beyond the schedule, he was very patient enough to answer my questions and I didn’t see him bragging about this knowledge even for a second in our whole conversation.

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Amith Dubassi
25 Yrs, IT Professional , United States

I selected Vipul as he was willing to share his knowledge, during consulting call I realized the value, I gave it a shot and I am more now a more informed investor.

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Dhaval Vasavda
37 Yrs, IT Professional , - Bengaluru

Vipul helped me save thousands of rupees year on year and I never had a loss in spite market was down by 15%

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Harpreet Singh Dhir
42 Yrs, IT Professional , - Pune

Vipul helped me save Rs 15K taxes year on year and with the knowledge transfer session I am sure nobody can mis-sell any financial product

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Dimpy Panwar
32 Yrs, IT professional, Bengaluru

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