Services – Individual

1         Life Insurance Planning
Comprehensive cover considering future what if scenarios so that the dependents don’t have to borrow money from someone later on
2         Health Insurance Planning
Trust me, Your entire wealth can go in one shot if there is a big medical emergency, just don’t rely on employers mediclaim.
3         Goal Based Planning
How to set realistic financial goals and achieve them
4         Wealth creation and protection by MF and Equities
Which MF Scheme to select and most importantly when to EXIT, Abhimanyu in Mahabharat died not because he entered Chakravyu but he never knew the exit.
5         Tax Planning
To reduce your tax liability and contribute towards retirement goals.
6         Portfolio screening
No matter how deeply a man loves his fiancée, he cannot buy her five engagement rings. The same way you can’t have 2,3 or 4 schemes in large cap or midcap or small cap. Portfolio screening will help you reduce your schemes, manage and monitor it efficiently
7         Behavioural Finance Coaching
Education towards art and science of investing, this is make to sure you reach your financial goals even if I die tomorrow.
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