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Being an HNI, you may or may not require Individual services

If you are a High Networth Individual with an investible corpus more than 25 lakhs, Capital Protection comes first and wealth creation second.

Allow me to explain further:-

You should invest in funds which has the highest downside protection

The challenge is, if your portfolio is down by 20% i.e Rs 100 is now Rs 80

Fund Manager has to provide 25% CAGR to return to mean level of Rs 100 (Rs 80 x 25% CAGR), your actual returns will start after it crosses 100 and it takes a hell lot of time.

The deeper the losses greater the returns required, more the returns required more the risk

In case if your portfolio is down by 50%, it takes 100% returns to reach to mean level

My strategy is to provide you 100% downside risk and appreciate your capital.

Investment is like The Tortoise and The Hare story, slow and steady wins the race

I am sure you would also like to win the race in financial jungle, then get in touch with me from below 30 mins consulting call link

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