How it works?

You’re making good money, but can’t decide if it’s better to invest or pay off your home loan. You want to plan for your international vacation, but also save for retirement. You want to talk to someone whom you can relate to and someone who understands you. That’s why I started Investkiyakya: because we didn’t learn about these things in school and now it’s time.

My approach is to help you use your money to match your values so you live an incredible life!

If you’re ready for actionable financial planning advice to help you find clarity around your money, then you’ve come to the right place.

Below is the process to obtain financial planning services:-

A no obligation free 30-60 minutes initial discovery phone call or meeting (via video conferencing if required),to assess your current financial situation and walk you through the financial planning process, in depth understanding about your financial challenges and how those challenges can be addressed

Below are the steps to hire me

  • Part payment of fees
  • 60 minutes phone call or video call or in-person meeting to explain you concepts of equity, clearing all your doubts related to equity, risk, volatility, valuation, earnings etc. By the end of this session you will be familiar with equity
  • 60 minutes phone call or video call or in-person meeting to explain you first cut plan along with mutual fund selection, life and health insurance policies selection.
  • 60-90 minutes call, finalizing the plan, educating towards behavioural finance and hand holding the execution process.
  • Payment of remaining fees.

I don’t charge 100% fee upfront because trust is a major factor while working online.

Once you send me the part fees, risk is on your side considering a worst case scenario what if I run away with your money

On other side, after completion of plan there is a risk on my side what if you don’t send me the part fees.

Trust is at the core of this business and I try to establish trust from day 1.

It’s time to stop making haphazard decisions about your finances and instead book an appointment with a fee-only financial planner (who will act as a fiduciary) to help you get on track so you can reach multiple financial goals simultaneously!

Benefits of financial plan

A 30-page financial plan with a series of “To Dos” that includes a net worth statement, retirement projection and action checklist.

The financial plan included recommendation in the following areas

  • Budgeting
  • Child Education & Marriage planning,
  • Life and Heath Insurance planning and policies recommendation.
  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Profiling & Asset Allocation as per the age, risk tolerance level.
  • Mutual Fund/Shares existing portfolio re-evaluation
  • Mutual fund scheme recommendation as per risk tolerance
  • Education towards art and science of investing.
  • Debt restructuring (if any)

Yearly retainer fee includes:-

  • Education towards art and science of investing i.e Behavioural Finance to ensure If I die tomorrow you can continue your wealth creation journey.
  • Unlimited revision to financial plan due to major life events like job change, new baby, home or car EMI as all these impacts the monthly cash flow.
  • Unlimited phone call, entry to private WhatsApp group and email support to help you reach your financial goals even faster
  • Buy / Hold / Sell recommendation of mutual funds/Equities with an exit strategy in place
  • Portfolio re-balancing.
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